About the Author

I am author of the recently released book, Finding the Peace: A Journey to Wholeness, a story of my own life journey to wholeness. It is my hope that through reading this story, you will see the greater good in your own story. It is through adjusting how we look at life that we begin to see and use life challenges as a path to finding the peace within ourselves.

In private practice since 1992, I am also the owner and director of the Wholeness Healing Center. As a mental health practice, we focus on the mission of helping others heal as we walk the journey with the client and they begin or continue the process of reaching their fullest potential. Because the journey to wholeness is about mind, body and spirit, we also have Holistic Services, which is housed in the same center. Every other month we publish Wholeness Healing Today, a newsletter that addresses areas of the mind, body, and spirit. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter click HERE.

You can contact me at the email address listed below or find me on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
E-mail  janiepw@wholenesshealing.com
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