Book Reviews

"The courage Janie Pfeifer Watson exhibits, going to such great lengths to find her own truths, will give others the guidance and support they may need to lean into their own pain to discover personal strengths previously unknown.

For those who fear going within, Watson's "Finding the Peace" is a must read and a masterpiece on inner growth.”

- Jane E. Ryan, author of Broken Spirits and Lost Souls; writer & executive producer of The Boarder

"Janie Pfeifer Watson has created a masterful roadmap for finding inner peace. Amid the clutter, angst, and toxins of the lives  most of us lead, Janie has produced a path to wholeness, tranquility, and serenity. With a gentle, strong voice and honest introspection, Janie helps us all find a centeredness in such tumult.  Thank you Janie for this gift!

- Joseph Michelli, Ph.D. New York Times #1 Bestselling author of Prescription for Excellence

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