Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pain can be our blessing!

Generally speaking, in my practice I work with people – clients - that come in because they are experiencing some kind of “dis-comfort”. And because she (or he) is in this state of discomfort whether it is pain, discontentment, or unhappiness, she makes an appointment and comes in to look at what is going on in her life. Through this dis-comfort she takes the time for herself. She sits down with a neutral person to lay it out on the table, and begins to identify what the pain is trying to tell her. This may be the first time in her life that she really had no choice but to begin to listen to herself and what her needs may be. She may not even know how to access that voice that gives her the information about her needs. Regardless of what it is about, the pain, the discomfort, leads her to actions steps. Through her pain she begins to pay attention. She begins to question her life. She begins to wonder, what else is there that she should be doing. Through these questions, this attentiveness to self, this reevaluation, something begins to happen. Change. New thoughts are tried out, new parts of self begin to emerge, and more of the authentic self comes forth. I feel blessed to walk the journey with her - It is a priceless and humbling process to watch the authentic self begin to emerge more fully. And all because of some pain!

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