Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be a leaf following the current of life

With the great weather, lots of sunshine, I am sure many of you took to the water over the weekend. I spent some time on the water as well. I floated. I put on my sunhat to shield myself from too much sun, positioned myself on a float and laid back to relax. There was nothing to direct as I had no worries about where the float may take me. I let the water’s current direct me as I relaxed and drifted. I imaged myself a leaf on the water drifting aimlessly in the current. It reminded me how much better our life can be if we are like the leaf on the water allowing ourselves to be directed by the current in our daily lives. Many times we enter our day thinking we are going a certain direction only to be side tracked into a completely different direction. If we fight it, get upset that our direction has shifted, resist it trying to will things to happen the way we think they should, we lose our sense of peace. However, if we realize that our life plan, for today, is in order, and we go with the flow, we then open ourselves to the possibilities of what the new and unplanned direction may have for us. With this perspective, we don’t have to see our changed direction as a negative, but rather, we can ride the flow with a curiosity and openness for what might be in store for us. We may not know right away why our current took us on an unplanned direction – but down the stream we may be gifted to see why it was perfect. It may be that we encountered a key person that we were to know, or we learned something through the process that was getting us prepared for solving a future problem, or we were detoured and saved from a serious mishap, or we were just given the chance to practice flexibility. For today, just be the leaf on the water and follow the current allowing yourself to be exactly where you are. Breath. Let the sun shine on your face, and stay in peace as your journey through the day.

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