Monday, July 11, 2011

Listening to Your Inner Voice

Has the phone ever rang just when you were thinking about someone? Or someone showed up on your doorstep just after you thought about them, even though it had been years since you had thought about them? These are examples of intuition. All of us have a sense of intuition. It is just a matter of how developed it is within you. Some describe intuition as our sixth sense. People often refer to it as a “gut feeling”. It is our internal voice that guides us. The question is have we developed the capacity to listen to our gut feelings and act on the information we get from our gut feeling? We may have shut the voice of the feeling down so many times which is what we do when we opt to listen to others instead of ourselves. Perhaps we don’t even check in with what our knowing is when we are working on a decision. When we disregard our voice, our knowing, the voice gets quieter and doesn’t have a strong presence within us. For myself, I spent most of my early years listening to others. I was focused on what other people thought trying hard to please and make them happy. So my inner knowing, my voice, the gut feeling was shut down. It was only when I began to work on myself that I began to work on listening to myself. When you start to listen to yourself, the inner voice becomes stronger, louder, easier to recognize. When you act on your inner knowing it is validation to yourself that you trust yourself. The more you practice listening to yourself, the easier it becomes. Listening to yourself, your intuition, is a guiding light in the journey of life and maintaining your peace. We need to develop it and make it a bright light. Today take the time to check in with yourself when you are making decisions. Give your inner voice the stage.

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