Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. ~Author Unknown

Have you ever experienced being somewhere and someone you know is angry, scowling, and frowning? It can be quite uncomfortable and make the best of us want to find an exit. I recently experienced this in a place I should have been quite comfortable. I had to wonder about the power of those frowns and the scowling which got me thinking about smiling.

Just like frowns can impact us and our environment, so can smiles. Smiles have power and each of us has the power right at the tip of our mouth. The benefits are not only great for others, but also great for us. Smiles become a people magnet. Smiles draw people to us while frowns and scowls push people away. People enjoy having nice people around them and will situate themselves closer in proximity to those smiling. Smiling can change how we are thinking because smiling makes us more optimistic. Smiling actually has been shown to change our mood into a better mood, almost as if can trick our mind into changing. Smiling is said to boost your own inner joy. It makes “you” feel good just like it makes those around you feel good. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and serotonin. Together these three makes us feel good, making smiling a natural drug having a direct correlation to our internal state. And because smiling impacts your internal state, smiling has health benefits affecting your physical and emotional state. Smiling has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve your immune system, and relieve stress. Smiling relaxes the muscles in your face and makes you look younger. Smiling just plain makes your day better. So go out and experiment. See if it isn’t true - Smile and the whole world smiles back at you.

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