Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visualize Yourself Successful

Do you have dreams of accomplishing a specific goal? While action is certainly a big part of accomplishing something, there is the emotional and mental work to do as well. It is the act of setting your intention, setting the goal. Setting intention, for me, is focusing on blueprinting (as my good friend Vicki calls it), which is setting the goal in a very specific way. This can also be thought of as visualization. Another good friend, Loyie, calls it “dreaming forward”. Call it whatever fits for you and implement the next steps. Take some time to focus on putting yourself in touch with the feelings and emotions that you would experience after you have accomplished your blueprint, your goal, your intention. To do this, you relax, imagine yourself there. You just received the call, the bonus check just came in the mail, your boss just approved a big project for you to lead, you are sitting on the deck of the home you always wanted. Imagine yourself there, step into the feelings that you feel after it has happened, and be in the feelings for the moment. Actually allow yourself to “feel” it in your body. This isn’t a prayer of praying “for it” or lacking something. It is the prayer of gratitude, the feelings of joy and excitement. Step into it. Let yourself bask in it. Let your body, mind, and spirit get use to the idea, the feeling of success.

Setting vision and putting yourself there is quite powerful and will get you started on your way towards the growth you want for yourself. The only way to arrive somewhere is to know where you are going. Set up the goal now and step into it. Practice trying it on and being in it. It is really quite fun!

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