Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catch Your Snapshot Moments

It is really hard to believe that September 2011 is almost over. It kind of takes my breath away as I realize we are coming upon yet another year being complete. Perhaps it is because of my age, having turned 53 years just a few months ago, that I am finding myself taking inventory of having lived over a half a century.

And as old as that sounds, it feels like it was only yesterday when I was making my way through high school. Life seems to move fast, even faster the older I have gotten. I look back over the past years and realize that I have these snapshot moments etched in my head. I have images of grandchildren being born, my children and their families gathering at our home, holiday rituals, summer fun, as well as the painful moments that happen in life. The scenes move through quickly as if on a virtual photo display. Their mere presence in my life reminds me of moments that I may not have savored enough because they were really great connecting moments. I just may not have really been in the scene fully at the time, really appreciating it, really loving every moment. Sometimes this reminder comes when the next year rolls around and life is so much different than it was the year before. The actors have changed. Perhaps there are new additions to the cast, or we have lost some of the old cast. There is no going back to the snapshot moment from the last year. But it rolls through on my virtual photo display in my mind. 

So I have started to click the camera in my head – take in the scene, pause for a moment and let myself just sink into it as I etch it in my mind while I am still in it. It feels good, like I am just here in the now allowing the suave of the moment to enter me on a cellular level. And as the the scene moves on to the next moment I frame it in my mind. Yes, another scene to sink into, another moment to live in fully.

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