Sunday, January 29, 2012

Listening to Others

It seems to me that the greatest gift we have within ourselves is our own wisdom and knowing. We can call this inner voice many things: our inner voice, our intuition, our wisdom, our Source, Great Spirit, or God. And it falls to reason that if we listen to our inner message, we will also align with the true mission for our life. This wise voice has the answers of what our passion is and how to live our life inspired.  As much as this all makes sense, that we would hold the key to our own life journey within ourselves, often we do not access this internal wisdom, but rather, access external advice.

It can be easy to assume that others know what is best for us. Perhaps we are plagued with self-doubt, we have never worked on listening to our own inner voice, we don’t want to disappoint others, or we have grown up jumping through the hoops of what others want us to do or think we should do. So we shut down that inner voice and listen to others. Whatever the reason, we live our lives with others making the choices for the path we are to travel. And when we listen to well-meaning others in guiding our life we lose our life as it was meant to be.

It is our life and we need to be responsible for making the right decisions towards living inspired and passionate. We need to listen within. We may struggle at times to hear the whispers, but the more we listen, and the more we act on the messages, the louder and clearer the whispers become. To negate doing this is to negate your essence, your purpose, your mission. So for today, take steps to listen within. Block the need to please others, and stop worrying about the opinion of others. Be who you are meant to be starting with being the person navigating your own life.

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