Sunday, April 29, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

As our April month ends, we have experienced a refreshing rainfall over the past week making the April showers very real in our area. And the gift of the rainfall is apparent. Last night as I sat outside, I couldn’t help but marvel at the plush green landscape that the rainfall has helped along. Our trees are in full splendor. Flowers add a splash of color from the Universe’s palette dotting the landscape with a reminder of the beauty to be found in the smallest of forms. Nature has awoken from its winter slumber. All is alive and vibrant.

As we move into May it would be a good time to remember the power of gratitude and appreciation and extend this to our environment. Appreciation for this land, the nature that surrounds us, the moisture we have been gifted and the greenness of our horizon as living plants show their abundance. Gratitude and appreciation can move us into a state of contentment and well-being – peace.  So as we move into the month of May let’s spend some time appreciating what we may actually take for granted even with so much surrounding us! Sink into the feelings of gratitude for our luscious environment, our abundant water supply and our rich variety of nature’s gifts

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