Monday, May 28, 2012

The Lost Mode of Prayer

The lost mode of prayer is what Gregg Braden calls the fifth mode of prayer. (Braden, 2000) James Twyman calls it the Moses code (Twyman, 2008), and Wayne Dyer speaks of the same methodology in his book Wishes Fulfilled. (Dyer, 2012) The fifth mode of prayer is praying without words. It is accessing the feelings that you feel when your prayer is answered.  In other words, you go to the end of the process and bring in feeling and basking in gratitude and appreciation. Through the “feeling” of the emotions, it is thought that we gain direct contact to the power of creation: the Spirit of God.  It is thought that we then have access to the Universal force, God, the Great Intelligence. Because God is love, anytime we choose to be in feelings of love, appreciation and/or gratitude, we are accessing the Divine force which is where Braden, Twyman and Dyer profess that we access miracles.    

I first learned about the fifth mode of prayer from Gregg Braden when I read his book The Isaiah Effect:  Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer (Braden, 2000).  It was here that I first considered praying using the fifth mode of prayer -- praying “as if” I had already received my request.  Braden is reminding us to pray by “stepping into the knowing and the feeling that we have already received our prayer”. It is praying based on the technology of human feeling. This means that we move into a state of “being” in appreciation and gratitude and embrace the feeling of our prayer being answered. Feeling the outcome allows us to access the feelings of receiving versus feelings of longing and yearning which are the feelings accessed when asking for something. There is a shift, a difference, in praying in a state of longing and yearning versus praying in a state of gratitude.  

After recently reading Wayne Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled, (Dyer, 2012), I am reminded again about this technique of using the fifth mode of prayer. Wayne Dyer also talks about stepping into the feeling that your prayer has already been answered:  your wishes fulfilled.  This means imagining and feeling your body soaking up the feeling of excitement you feel when you receive your prayer or request.  Allow yourself to go to the place where your outcome has been accomplished and embrace the feelings that overcome you. Accessing the feelings of gratitude, appreciation, being love, loved, and loving are all feelings that encompass “God”. The ultimate feeling that you can choose to step into is love. Love is a high frequency energy.  Love is God. God is love. Being in the feeling of love is accessing God inside and outside of ourselves.
So consider praying as if you have already received your answer.  If you find yourself getting into the prayer (and the thoughts) of being in need or being without, try shifting into the outcome being done.  Shift into seeing the outcome you desire and then “feeling” the prayer answered. Sit in loving gratitude like a balm washing over you and settling into your very center.  BE THERE with all your senses!  Regardless of the outcome, it’s a nice place to be so you have everything to gain by implementing this practice into your life.
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Pat said...

Well said... I have seen this work, but it is so easy to forget and go back to focusing on what we lack.