Sunday, July 1, 2012

Self Care Moments During the Summer Holiday Week

It has been hectic at our house. We have more family around than usual along with more gatherings. It adds to the fun of the holiday week and is probably very similar to what many of you are experiencing during the holiday week. I love the time to connect with others and a change in the regular routine. But, I also notice that I get to a state of exhaustion easier. I may not being doing more than normal, but I am out of my routine. So my eating is a bit off, not as healthy as normal. My exercise regime has been compromised. I am getting less sleep as I stay up to visit with others. I am having less time alone to just quiet myself and replenish. Each of these items, individually, might not matter that much. But when they start to accumulate, then quickly and easily we can become depleted.

I don’t think it takes a lot to replenish our soul and our “being” during these times. Maybe just being more aware and being conscientious about it will master the task easily. I was looking forward to sitting down to blog today. It is a time to sit in my own little “writing space” surrounded with my books and journals. I am away from others. And I can just spend a few moments in the quietness, writing, connecting to myself, and taking a moment to rest and just be. It is a simple way of replenishing. Each of us has simple ways to take a moment out of the busy weekend/holiday times and put ourselves on “pause” so we can re-energize. Pay attention as you move through the holiday week and be aware of your need to have some self-care moments. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but noticing and following through can make all the difference in having the summer holiday continue to fun times.

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