Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Change of Seasons is a Reminder of Life Ever-Changing. Seize Your Moments.

2012 fall has officially arrived. We have moved into the changing of the seasons.  It hard to believe that the fall of this year is here and soon we will be to the end of the year. It seems synonymous with life.  Maybe it’s my age (54 yrs), or perhaps it is the life cycle that my family is in, but I certainly have had enough experiences to realize that what is here today, may be gone tomorrow. The wise person never wants to take for granted anything that means something. Often those very things change . . . reminding us to take heed . . . relish in the moment . . . put it on like a salve . . . sink into it . . . be with it . . . and appreciate it for what it brings to your life.

Today, with the weather being a perfect fall day, we spontaneously made an invite to our local adult children and grandchildren for a breakfast of pancakes topped with hot maple syrup fresh off the stovetop. To our surprise, people showed up! The grandkids shared in a bit of story-telling about their week while chowing down on pancakes and then were off playing together for some cousin time. Laughter echoed in the house with the sound of the toys being pulled out. The adults hung out clutching coffee cups and catching up on the happenings of the last few weeks. It was one of those moments that happen and you want to capture them, savor them and remind yourself to stay present to the little morsels of life that matter the most.  

As the season changes we are reminded that life also is ever-changing and just as fast-paced as our seasonal changes. This may be the gift - seasonal changes and life changes. After we have had life changes happen, and we are suddenly without something that we once had, we are more aware that we want to latch onto the moments as life gifts us because not only may life more by us quickly, those moments are ever-changing.  Latch onto those moments this week.  Enjoy the little moments as tomorrow they may not look the same. 


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