Sunday, October 21, 2012

Make A Sacred Space in Your Home Just for You

One of the activities that I most enjoy every weekend is the time that I sit down to write my blog.  It requires me to retreat to the area of the house that I have created as “my space”. This space is my retreat space, my sacred space. Upstairs, away from the bustle of the main area of the house, it sets the stage for me to quiet myself, center and spend time re-connecting with myself.  As I climb the steps, I feel the sense of leaving the daily bustle of tasks behind as I enter, what seems at times, a different time and place: a place where I can let down, a place where I feel the warmth of nurturing.

Up here, away from all, I am befriended with those items that help me welcome in my own essence. My books are housed here along with my writing desk and a comfortable lounging chair.  At my fingertips are my spiritual tools of those special books, my journal and my writing tools. The space is inviting for whatever I might need. Sometimes, I come up here to just rest and be, quieting myself and allowing the feelings of nurturing to care for my soul.  Other times I come up here to read and expand my world.  Often I come up here to write which allows my soul to have expression. Just walking into the space opens my mind and my heart to begin to fill the blank page with the words of the moment.


I need this time. As I strive to connect with others, I need to connect with myself as much or more.  The connecting is reviving. The listening to myself is nourishing. The resting with myself is fulfilling.  And all of this creates a sacredness that comes with doing loving things for ourselves.  These moments are quite memorable for my mind, body and soul.  So as I re-enter the space, I naturally go back to the re-connecting moments I have had from earlier times.

 I encourage you to have a space in your home to call your own and one that is set aside for the moments of re-connecting with you.  If you can’t find a space that is just yours, then find just a chair that you surround yourself with your favorite blanket, candle, music and books.  House your journal close to you and set up a little alter that holds a few items that helps to create the space. Create a space that allows you to put down the burden that daily life can bring and rest for a spell, rejuvenating and reenergizing your soul.  Take the time to be with you.  It is through these moments that you will find the energy to continue to walk through life and attend to others in a way that you have learned to do for you.


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Emily said...

I couldn't agree more! Sacred space is a crucial and often missing part of our modern lives. My teacher Denise Linn says - 'in this accelerated time we need
places to go where we feel strengthened and nourished more than ever' xo