Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heart –Centered Holiday

This is Valentine’s week.  We may tend to put the holiday into the realm of “relationships” to be a significant day.  But how about looking at this as a “heart-centered” week of sending love out to those we encounter?  We have a choice in how we look at life. We can look at life through the lens of love or we can look at life through the lens of fear.  When we are in fear, we tend to bring up our feelings of inadequacies, jealousy and “less than” as we compare ourselves to others.  When we look through the lens of love, we can practice opening our heart and sending loving energy to those we encounter on the path of life that also struggle with life and all that happens. 
For this week, make a conscious decision to blast others with love.  We can learn our life lessons through love or fear, joy or pain. Seeing others through your own loving eyes is learning life lessons through joy.  Spend the week remembering we are all in this together and loving compassion is beneficial for both you and me!  Have a loving compassionate week and make the world a little bit better place this week with your consciousness in being in “loving compassion” to all you meet this week.  Have a “heart-centered” holiday!

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