Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life Opportunities Are Often Masked as Obstacles

Life happens to each of us.  It is in the happening of the moments where life truly resides. Sometimes those moments are pain filled and it is our wish to scurry through the moment. It might even be that we find ourselves going through the doorway of a life experience only to find that the door we went through has disappeared. We are no longer able to go back to life as it was. Too much has happened.

Anyone who has been through a moment like this, a life event that changes the very nature of who we are, recognizes it in others. It is through those significant experiences that we become different, more awaken. In our new state we suddenly recognize those around us that have that same resonance – of being more awake. We want to ask, “What was your pain?”

Growth opportunities are almost always masked as obstacles.  So if you find yourself in a life event that feels like it is too painful to manage, remember to keep walking.  It is through the pain that you will find your way to the other side. Mark Nepo said, “Whatever opens us is never as important as what it opens up in us. The field that it opens is what matters. It isn’t to minimize the difficulty of what you are experiencing.  But what it opens is the next part of the journey.”  (Nepo, 2013) 


Nepo, M. (2013, November 10). Super Soul Sunday. (O. Winfrey, Interviewer)

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Teri said...

It is true, Janie. I think I learn the most when I am uncomfortable. I don't like that, but I do appreciate the growth and awareness that results. What it means is: I can never really lose. Even difficulty brings benefit. Loss brings rebirth or maturity. Peace comes when I don't try to avoid this process, but accept it and know that I can find value such things.