Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Be the Change You Want to See

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As we, one  nation, work to come together and move forward after a difficult political battle, I am grasping for guidance in what comes next.  I see and hear about the polarization, the fears, the wounding in families, the separation that has blanketed our citizens.  And on some level, it feels overwhelming and useless for me, as one being, to make a difference in what appears to be this huge abyss.                                                                                                            
It has been said that the outside world is but a reflection of our inner world.  And to that end, it is scary.  What are we to do with this chaos, this lack of understanding towards each other, this pain that some carry and others disregard?  How do we move forward to make a difference in this process?

Image result for be the change you want to seeI can only think that Gandhi had the route spelled out for us, “Be the change you want to see.”  So that means to step up, realize that if I am part of the polarization, I am part of the separation.  Our work is to come together regardless of what side the other is on.  Inciting more hate, more pain, more separation is not going to bring the balm we all yearn for.  If we fear hate, we must respond with love.  There is no other alternative.  It requires us to put our ego away, and “live” our convictions. Be the change we want to see.  Step into it and begin now to do the hard work.  Be loving toward those that you find it difficult.  Care about each person, even those that frustrate you.  Put the judgments away.  Work towards understanding of the other so that they, in turn, may work towards understanding you.  We must start somewhere, so maybe if we each start with our own self, we will, together, begin to bring light into this very difficult time with one encounter at a time.

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