Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding the peace and becoming whole

The focus of this blog site is to create dialogue and provoke thoughts within ourselves and amongst each other regarding how we attain peace within. Does peace and contentment within mean we are happy? Each of us has an idea of what we believe we may need in order to be happy. Where is this found, and how to do we go about living it daily? In the U.S. we are gifted with great oportunity to bring about our dreams. Yet living with so much opportunity and finding ourselves in the midst of comsumerism often can blur where true happines, contentment, and peace can be found. We may attain our goals and find that we feel nothing after the first hoopla over accomplishing it. This can lead to a sense of void, emptiness, dissatisfaction. Often it is in this void that we will be motivated to search for more. It is this discomfort that can be our blessing as we look for more meaning in our life.

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Sayonara said...

Peace and contentment definitely lead to happiness and can be obtained when in harmony with others! Peace can also be obtained upon completion of a goal. Sometimes, one has to work hard to achieve peace--is it really peace if one has to work hard for it? Hard work leads to a sense of accomplishment, which I guess, in the long run brings peace! Any thoughts?