Monday, June 20, 2011

Depression can be a call within

In my own journey of finding the peace, I mistook working towards achievements, and accomplishing those achievements, as somehow, finally arriving. I just knew that if I did achieve my dream, my goals, I would be there. For a while, after an accomplishment, I felt elated. But before long that restlessness would start to move in. And in that moment, I was no longer in peace. I was looking for peace in accomplishing the next task. Eventually the success of achieving a goal wasn’t enough. I started the process of journeying inward. At first it wasn’t by choice, it was because I was depressed. My depression became my gift of taking me inward to myself. Peace is not found outside of ourselves and if we find ourselves in pain, struggling, it may be our soul calling us, encouraging us to look within as we are able to bring peace within ourselves by looking within.


Teri said...

Well, I keep learning. Teach-ability, not dogmatism. It is difficult to not get entrenched in my thinking as I age. I hang out with twenty-somethings a great deal, because I sling joe.(Own coffeehouses). ;)
That keeps me on my toes and thank goodness I know that I know some things, not everything, and I try to build on lessons learned by maintaining a teach-able perspective.

Janie said...

I love your motto of living with each moment being an opportunity to learn. I too believe that each person comes into our life for a reason. It is up to us to stay open to those moments and learn what we might from the person that is crossing our path in the moment. Being open to learning from anyone is truly a gift to ourselves as others have so much to teach us regardless of the age. My little four year old grandchildren have great wisdom if i am listening!