Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's Thursday, so enjoy Thursday - Don't think about Friday!

How many of us woke up this Thursday morning to think that “tomorrow is Friday and then I have the weekend”? And then the weekend comes and we relish the moments, making sure we sink into it as the time will surely go so fast. And then good Monday morning arrives and we sigh because the weekend went so fast . . . but Thursday morning we find ourselves, once again, anticipating the weekend. When we are wishing our time away so we can enjoy the next moment, aren’t we really wishing our life away? Here we have a great day – yes, it is Thursday. Let’s sink into our Thursday. Let’s realize each moment, each opportunity, be aware of each person that our life’s paths cross. If we are thinking about Friday, we may miss what we were to experience today. Finding the peace is about the moments, being in them, and paying attention to whoever crosses our path. There are no accidents and the person that crosses your path on this good Thursday morning is to cross your path. Don’t miss the moment.

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