Friday, June 24, 2011

Living your day unattached to outcome.

A new day is upon us – a blank slate waiting for us to fill it in, create its picture. As we rise this morning we may have an idea of what this day is bringing in for us as we have plans, appointments to show up for, meetings to attend, dates to keep. Yet, we really have no idea of what the outcome will be of our choices to “show up” for the day. We only know that we will show up. If we show up with the idea of doing our best, being honest with ourselves by listening to what our own truths are, then we have done all we need to do. The rest will happen. Our final step is to be unattached to the outcome. This doesn’t mean you don’t care or have your passionate goals. It means that you use the outcome for further information, guidance in what your next step is to be. I consider it like this: either you will be given a red light or a green light. A red light is just guidance in your journey, your road map. It’s a detour in your route that you planned. But who is to say that the new route isn’t better? We don’t really know what the best way is and if we are open to guidance through road blocks or clear sailing, than we can be unattached to the outcome. And we can be open to something bigger and better coming in than we could have planned in the first place.

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