Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Feeling Survival Kit

Life certainly has its moments. We can be moving along nicely and feeling like we are really handling all that is happening in our day. And we turn the corner, whether is it to show up after lunch for that meeting or to take that unexpected phone call, and find ourselves getting “stomach-punched”. We have all experienced it. Something unexpected happens in the midst of a perfectly good day. We aren’t prepared for it and it leaves us feeling like we can’t catch our breath. Suddenly we have to find a way to get our footing back and continue walking through the day. So how can we regroup, get back into the flow, access the magical moments of life?

One strategy is to have a list (that we carry in our back pocket) of those delightful moments that were the other side of the coin of life. You know, those magical moments when your life is in flow and you know you are riding the wave of life without resistance. Those moments when everything seems easy, and life feels good.

Sitting in the quiet of yourself, go back to those moments to remember how it feels. Take yourself back there with all your senses. Let yourself feel it in your body, taste it, see it, hear it and begin to step into the vibration of those moments. Allow your spirit to rise out of the difficulty of the moment and go to the place where it all felt good. Begin to climb above the human event in a way that will allow you to stay centered in the chaos of life. In this way we can access the deep reservoir within ourselves, in our soul, that gives us the strength to walk through difficult moments.

Remember that it is just a moment. Life continues to move forward and we will eventually walk through this happening. But remembering the feelings of lightness and joy will give us some tools in walking our way through it in a good way. So start that list that will become your touchstone when you have a moment of feeling like you are losing your footing. Today, ask for those moments to come to you. As they come, let your spirit go there, be lifted up, and allow your senses to relish in the feelings. Anchor the moments in your body as you go there with your senses. Give your body, mind, and soul permission to “remember” the feelings so you can easily access them. Once you have been somewhere, it becomes a memory in your brain. There is now a pathway. To hardwire it you need to go there over and over again. Today, begin to hard wire your brain for the magical moments of life.

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