Monday, July 25, 2011

There Are No Accidents

I believe that everything and everyone that comes into our life is in perfect order, that there are no accidents. I connect with the people I am supposed to connect with today. It means that the clerk at the gas station and I were to meet today, if only in a brief moment. Perhaps our moment of connecting was just what I needed today, or my smile gave her support when she was having a bad day. It means that the annoying driver in front of me was to be there just at that moment. Perhaps my delay with him is saving me from an accident that I will never know about.

With this philosophy it reminds me to pay attention to my moments. If there are no accidents, and everyone that shows up in my life today was called to show up, then I need to be aware. I don’t want to miss the moments. Each person, each situation that I encounter today, is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to learn a lesson I am to learn whether it is patience from the driver in front of me, or slowing down to be kind to the clerk, or being flexible because my day’s schedule has changed. Each person and situation gives me the opportunity to be a better person, developing some part of myself that needs further healing towards wholeness. There are no accidents. So pay attention to each opportunity that comes your way today. Make the moments, the opportunities, wholesome and loving moments. And have a great day because when you see each moment as an opportunity, the day takes on a whole different perspective.

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Anonymous said...

And it's a Monday! A great Monday and a great day to "go forth and do good things!" I am enough.