Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Announcement

I have some news that I’m excited to share with you! My first book, Finding the Peace, is finally officially released and available for purchase.

I am incredibly grateful for your support throughout the years; I could not have written this book without encouragement from family, friends and colleagues like you. Although I first decided to write this book for the clients I work with who feel hopeless in their emotional journey, the book evolved into something different. It became more about how we as human beings navigate through our difficult times and change our lives by looking at situations in a different way. Using our life experiences as stepping-stones towards growth and self-trust we can begin to see life is in perfect order.

Finding the Peace is available online through the Wholeness Healing Center website and in both hard copy and e-book form. I am pleased to sign all copies purchased through the Wholeness Healing Center.

You can also stay up-to-date on Finding the Peace happenings through my Finding the Peace blog, Facebook page, Linkedin group and Twitter. I am blogging every Monday and will be sharing Finding the Peace book excerpts throughout the week.

I invite you to share this information and book with your family and friends as fellow journeyers to wholeness in whatever way makes sense for you -- whether high tech (write a blog, send an email or tweet, give a shout out on Facebook) or old-fashioned (send a copy, write a review, tell a friend). Thank you again for your support of me, my journey, and this book; I am deeply grateful!

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