Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Listening to Ourselves

It is important for each of us to learn to listen within to ourselves -- our inner wisdom, our intuition, our higher power. Regardless of what you name that whisper within you, it is part of a greater good. It is part of your authentic self. That whisper has your answers. That whisper guides you in becoming your authentic self. But in order to hear the whisper we have to listen for it. Listening to our inner wisdom can be challenging. We have to quiet ourselves and see what is rustling about inside us. We have to be aware of what is going on in our inner being. This requires shifting our attention from the outside world and all the people that we go to when we are looking for answers. We have to shift to the inside world where it is just you and God, you and your higher power, you and your intuition. Call it whatever you like – there is guidance there within yourself. It takes practice to make this whisper louder, but it can be done. The good news is that the more we listen to ourselves and act on this wisdom, the more the whisper changes to a louder voice. If we validate our own knowing, “when” we validate our own knowing, we then step into a stronger knowing. I recall when I was learning about this inner knowing years ago. I was told to close my eyes and call my question in, something I was wrestling with. I was then directed to think of both answers, a “yes” and a “no” answer and what the energy was around those answers. Was one of the answers lighter and easier to imagine? Did one of the answers make me feel tired? Did one of the answers give me energy? Through becoming more aware of the little nuisances in my body, I became clearer in my own guidance. I have learned that whenever I feel energy around something, that path needs to be considered. Listening to my own guidance is what puts me in flow with life. Use your day today to practice listening to yourself. Make it a daily part of the way you live.

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