Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Set Your Vision AND then Take Action

There is lots of talk about setting vision for your goals. It might involve dreaming – what do you really want to have happen? Dreaming involves getting creative and really starting to see what it is that you want. And then moving further with this dream and actually visualizing yourself at your finish line, feeling the success and stepping into the completion of the goal. However, after you set your vision by focusing on what you want, asking for it and stepping into seeing your success, you have a bit more to do. You have to take action. Now it is the time to go out and make things happen. Of course, there are those moments when inactivity may be appropriate. However, if you aren’t taking action steps towards your goal, then really assess what that hesitation is about. We have to go out and create the opportunities to make things happen for ourselves.
Perhaps you carry a fear of failure and if you can do something perfectly. And, although it is normal to feel this way, realize you are human and that it is often in our failures that we find the right steps and the right path to continue towards our goals. Or perhaps you are afraid of success – what if what you want really would happen? Notice if you have uneasiness or find yourself blocking your actions. Look at your belief system, your thoughts, and work towards changing them to encourage yourself to take a step forward. How you envision reaching your goals and what they may look like may not be how the end result turns out, but know that in moving forward you are trusting that you can and will bring your dreams and desires into fruition. If you have fears around it, take a narrow perspective with making yourself do one small step at a time. Fake it until you make it. Pretty soon the steps add up and you have arrived! Go out and make it happen today with one small step.

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