Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Changing of the Season Allows Us the Opportunity to Change Our Pace

We certainly experienced the landscape of a “winter wonderland” here in Nebraska with two hefty snowfalls this week. I found myself feeling quite content with the snow as I hunkered home and let myself be satisfied to stay put. It seemed like a good opportunity to slow down the pace of life (even though we are just gearing up for the holiday season). Yet, it seemed like a natural response to the weather and although I would have been happy to wait until we got closer to Christmas before the snowfalls started, I also found an appreciation of the outdoor beauty as the snow coated the trees and the landscape with it winter wonder.

And with that beautiful landscape came the change in pace. This is the part I love about the changing of the seasons in Nebraska. The changing of the season in Nebraska changes our landscape, outdoor temperatures, and our routine activities. Winter life in Nebraska is usually a cold time when we do spend more time inside which can translate to a slowdown in the pace of life. Winter, with its cold and snowy days, gives us a natural time for pulling in, being introspective. The timing is right as it happens as we gear down towards the end of the year. It gives us a natural response to spend time going inside, evaluating our life and our year. And somehow, putting the soup on, lighting the fire, and curling up to a good book is reviving. It is allowing us the chance to just be in the moment, enjoy doing nothing productive, answering to no one for a moment or two  or three and allowing our sense of self to just be at peace. So in the midst of the holiday bustle, allow yourself those natural moments that come with the changing of the season. They are a gift if we take advantage of the moments.

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