Sunday, January 1, 2012

An Exercise for Moving into 2012

As we enter 2012, consider spending time evaluating and anchoring your inner growth during 2011. We all have years that we fly high and other years that we experience the dark night of our soul. And if you have had one of those difficult years then you especially are probably ready for the fresh start of the New Year. Regardless of 2011, we all see the potentiality of our 2012 sitting before us waiting for the story to be written. But before you step totally into forward thinking, look back and use this time to anchor your growth. Take the time to look for the golden nuggets of the past year. Focus on the gifts you received, the growth you took on, and the positives in your life. Pluck the nuggets from 2011 and take them with you into 2012.

I believe that life’s challenges can offer us experiences that give us the opportunity to change and better ourselves. Sometimes it takes a while for us to see the nuggets of the experience or to realize we are different because of our experience. Embracing the challenges is giving them the positive twist they gifted us with. It is fair to say that without pain and discomfort, we often would chose the status quo as it is easy to say, “Why change? I am getting by.”  So it is often through our circumstances that we are motivated to make changes, or because after going through a difficult time, we often are not the same people. We see life in a different way and/or we are different. 

My challenge to you is to look at those moments – those moments of flying high and those moments of deep despair.  Find and identify your inner growth from your experiences.  How have you become a better person through 2011?  Perhaps you found strength merely to survive the year. Or maybe you were able to ask for help or share how you were feeling with another person, bringing closeness into your life.  Maybe you were able to find inspiration in your high moments and suddenly could see you could do what you set out to do.  Perhaps you began to like and love yourself more stepping into your authenticity.

It is my belief we are here on earth to grow, to develop, and to learn to love ourselves so that we can truly love others.  And through the ebb and flow of life, those good years and those difficult years, we are given the opportunity to become better people.   

So I am back to the beginning ~ take some time this first week of our New Year to recount your growth from your 2011 experiences. And then step in 2012 ready to continue the journey of living life to the fullest and making a conscious decision to grow - becoming a more aware of who you are and stepping into being your authentic self that you fully love and embrace.

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