Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take Care of You by Paying Attention

Feeling a bit under the weather this morning, I found running our Sunday errands to be a task that I had to pull myself through. I noted that I had low tolerances and bit my tongue a few times so as to not take my frustrations out on my husband.  We persevered through the heat blasting us as we went in and out of stores and finally made our way home. As I walked into the house, I noticed my body, mind and spirit seemed to sigh in unison, as if to say, “Finally, I am home.”  It was a notable difference in my guardedness.  There was a deep sense of relief, and I realized I needed to take it easy today. I was getting a clear message that I needed some down time – some time to recover, rejuvenate and recharge.

As I unloaded groceries and thought about the cooking projects I had lined up for today, I paid attention to how that felt.  It seemed that being in the sanctuary of “home” I could continue to do my projects and still give myself some nurturing.  Sometimes, when we are on the go a lot, just being home can be very rejuvenating. Although, I knew I was going to cut several things out of my “to do” list today just because my inner self seemed to be calling for that. I welcomed the idea of having my home to myself today.  Just being in the quiet of my home would definitely be the medicine that I needed.
We live in a fast-paced world. So it is important that we monitor our needs and pay attention to keeping our mind, body and spirit nurtured.  When we need downtime, it may mean that we just spend the day reading a good book and taking a nap.  Or it might mean that we cocoon in our home and just opt not to run around that day and spend the entire day without outside influences.   

If you don’t feel like your home can offer you a sanctuary, then make sure you create a place within your home that is your special place. This place may be as simple as “your special chair” where you have your journal, music, and special books close at hand.  It might be a special room that you can go to where you can shut the door to the outside noises and people.  It is the place that you naturally “let down” as you know when you have arrived there you will be giving yourself some good nurturing.

We all need a sanctuary, a place where we can rest, rejuvenate, and recharge.  It is part of keeping ourselves in balance.  And having the place isn’t enough.  We have to listen to ourselves and pay attention.  If you are under the weather, or have a very busy week, make sure you listen to your needs and build in some moments of recharging. Be loving to you.

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