Sunday, August 12, 2012

Enjoy Your Moments

A good friend recently turned 87 years old and in celebrating at a dinner out, I asked her share her words of wisdom from her 87 years of life. She stated that probably the biggest change in life, as you grow older, is to not think about the future, but just to go until midnight today. As she has grown older she stated that living in the moment and being appreciative of her moments was her focus. 

Some weeks later, as we were visiting, I was lamenting about life being a bit too busy. And I was sincerely thinking I could have used a break from life’s happenings. And she chimed in, very kindly, to say, “Enjoy your 24 hours of each day.  These are the best years of your life and although you might feel on overload, just enjoy the moments for what they bring.”  Her message rang deep. I shared the words of wisdom with my husband later on in the evening.  We both agreed that our lives are good and to get caught up in feeling on overload or being overwhelmed certainly does take away from our moment of enjoying what is being called forth for that moment during that day.

Today, consider the stage of life you are in and realize that this too shall pass.  So regardless of what is happening and how busy life seems, stop and taste the morsels of your moments.  Delight in and enjoy the moments you are given today. It is all you really ever have and perhaps, the best gift you can give yourself. Show up and be present today!

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Loyie Weber said...

Very nice and as always, timely!
Heading out to be present to the tasks at hand and appreciating the gift of life!