Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Cleansing and Clearing

We may be motivated to jump start ourselves into the new season by purging the parts of our life that no longer serve us. This may be work we do ”within” ourselves as we give up old patterns and beliefs, or it may be on a more physical level in our home or office. Perhaps the physical clearing of our space coincides with our mental and emotional clearing.  As we clear old patterns within ourselves, the old “stuff” no longer fits in our life.

 With fall in the air (and being blessed with cool weather this week) we may find ourselves naturally gravitating to cleaning and clearing. For me, I was motivated to clear out some of my summer clothes and move in the fall clothes. With that process, I vowed to be conscientious about what I kept for the next summer season, and what needed to be cleared.  Feng Shui masters suggest that we have breathing room in our all parts of our living areas which definitely includes closets. Therefore, I try to make myself give up clothing that hasn’t been worn for several years. I am especially good at holding on to something that I dearly loved to wear, but haven’t worn for several years. So this year, I made a point to give it up and pass it on to someone that will enjoy the clothing.  Using Denise Linn’s mantra, “Love it, use it, or release it,” I was guided in my decision-making process. (Linn, 2010)

Other questions you can use to make your decisions are as follows:

·         Do I love it?
      ·         Do I need it?

·         Does it reflect who I am now in my life?

·         Does it act as an environmental affirmation for me?

·         What positive and/or negative thoughts, memories, or emotions do I associate with it?

·         Does it need to be fixed or repaired, and am I willing to do so now?

·         If I moved tomorrow, would I choose to take it with me?

·         If it is time to let it go, am I going to sell, lend or give it away and when?

Clearing the old allows room – space – for new things to come in.  Without the empty space, we get clogged up with old things and old energy, which could also be symbolic for old beliefs, patterns and energy. Consider that every item you own has energy.  So make sure what you keep has the energy of you and where you are today.  If not, then move on.  Clear the space.  Open the door to new possibilities and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Then sit back, breathe, and enjoy the lightness of having open space. 
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Teri said...

Yea Fall! Hi Janie! All last Spring and this Summer I have worked on closets, drawers, cupboards. Gradually. :) I have to mix in a good amount of adventure to fuel my work. Last major task in the heat was basement and kids' remaining momentos (piles of junk)left me nowhere to go but into no-women's land...Randy's garage. Cue the dramatic music! So with some good ipod tunes, we hit it together, and in two weekends, we are getting rid of so much junk and dirt! Rewards interspersed included a foray that gave us a lovely and free creek rock lined fire pit,naps,lunch with friends and beers at each days end. But guess what? We are past half way and with new shelves, and lots of playful affection, he is agreeing to throwing out stuff we will never use, i.e.: junk! Galore!

Janie said...

Hi Teri,
You are the woman!! :) I guess you totally get the benefits reaped from clearing and cleansing. Don't you just love the idea of all those new possibilities coming in with open and cleared space? Happy Monday to you!