Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ride the Wave

I often talk to clients about riding the wave of magical moments when they come in.  You know, those moments when it feels like you are accessing something deep – like tapping into abundance or the good things in life.  It is those times when doors open that you didn’t expect and things line up in a way you never imagined, or something comes into your reality that totally surprised you. Ride the wave of the moment you have been gifted with – yes, it may not last forever (the wave).  But life is an ebb and a flow.  And so whether you ride the wave or not, the wave will vanish into the ocean. You might as well enjoy it. Life has its good moments and it has its difficult moments. Just because you enjoy the good moments doesn’t mean you will suddenly be thrust into difficult moments.  It just means you stayed focused in the moment, rode the wave and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Seize your moments as the present moment is all you have.  Loving the moment has nothing to do with bringing in difficult moments.  Prove it to yourself - ride the wave to new heights!

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