Sunday, November 11, 2012

Feelings of Separation and Loneliness

Feelings of separation and loneliness definetely can be painful.  Byron Katie gives us these words of wisdom.

If I think that I know what you are thinking or what is best for you, then I am mentally living in your business. The effect of this is separation and loneliness. If you are over there living in your life, and I am also over there living your life (mentally), then you are over there with you, I am over there with you and there is no one here for me. Of course I feel lonely and separated! I lonely me. No one else causes my loneliness. I do that.  ~Byron Katie

Today try to live in your own life and when you find yourself thinking you know what another is thinking or what is best for him or her, take an inner scan. Notice if feelings of separation and lonliness also accompany your pattern of being in another person's business. Then let it go and get back to the business of living your own life.

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