Sunday, April 14, 2013

Calling Every Good Wish Home

Years ago, I went to a training for treatment of post traumatic stress through guided imagery with Belleruth Naperstak. Naperstak has written guided imagery CD’s that focus on about anything you might want to work on healing from anxiety, to sleep disorders, to diabetes and cancer.  At this training, there were about 500 attendees sitting in chairs lined up, side by side in a large room.  She started the training with a guided imagery that is written to evoke emotion with loving connectedness.  It was a neutral guided imagery for stress reduction. Closing my eyes, I went there easily and found myself profoundly touched sobbing through the exercise as the imagery evoked deep emotion within me.  The words have stayed with me and I find them healing when I need to remember how to touch that radiance of love from within me.

“. . .  so more and more you can feel safe. . .  and as you do you might notice a tingling around you . . . as if you were surrounded and protected by a magical cushion of energy . . . and this cushion becomes denser. . . gentle insulating you from whatever you don’t want. . . and allowing you to take in whatever is nurturing . . . a cushion of magical energy and sensing this cushion of energy drawing in all the love and sweetness that has ever been felt for you – sensing it pulling in all the caring, all the loving kindness that has ever been sent your way – every prayer and good wish, every smile and nod of respect . . . every gentle thank you and just sheer gratitude  – pulling it in like a powerful magnet, calling every good wish home . . and so increasing the powerful protective field of energy around you. And you might even sense around you the presence of those who have loved and nurtured you, those who love you now, or will love you in the future . . .  and sensing them around you now . . .  maybe noticing an old familiar scent, or hearing the familiar dearly loved voice or feeling the presence by your side, or the soft weight of the gentle hand – people from your life, alive or long gone.  There might even be a special animal or a power ancestor, or a guardian angel, or sweet spirits or special helpers or healers, allies or teachers, all coming to lend assistance invoked by your intention to heal . . . Just so you feel their protection and support, breathing all of that into your heart and letting it fill you . . . breathing in all that love and care, deeply and fully into your heart.  Filling up with its warmth spread through your body  . . . gentle pulsing out from your heart . . . healing ripples in the pond . . .  and you can feel a gentle calm settle over you . . .  and knowing it is always there . . . yours to notice whenever you wish . . . (Naparstek, 2009)

Naperstak’s work is powerful.  Guided imagery work is powerful.  I would highly recommend her CDs to gift yourself with healing moments. Take the time today to evoke that loving energy within you.  We carry it with us wherever we go. 
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