Sunday, March 24, 2013

What We Think Impacts Our Life

Words impact our mind, our living, our vision of ourselves.  Words can be helpful or hurtful. Jerry Jampolsky talks about words in his book, Love is Letting Go of Fear. Finding inner peace is a matter of retraining how we think. Jampolosky states that words often keep us in a “guilty past” or a “fearful future”. (Jampolsky, 1970) If we begin to recognize that the words we think interfere with our inner peace, then we can begin to take responsibility for changing what words we use when thinking in order to align with having inner peace. 

Here are the words that Jampolosky identifies as words that interfere with our inner peace:
·         Impossible
·         Can’t
·         Try
·         Limitation
·         If only
·         But
·         However
·         Difficult
·         Ought to
·         Should
·         Doubt
·         Any words that place you or anyone else in a category
·         Any words that tend to measure or evaluate you or other people
·         Any words that tend to judge or condemn you or someone else.  (Jampolsky, 1970)

I am especially drawn by idea of any time we label ourselves or others, measure ourselves up against another, or place judgments on ourselves or others, we are taking ourselves from inner peace to inner conflict.  As we are each authentic and bring our own inner essence to the world, there is no need to compare ourselves to others.  We can’t win at this process.  Tearing ourselves and others down will not bring inner peace.  So do you want inner peace?  This is a step towards finding it and maintaining it.  Catch your thoughts and replace them with loving words towards yourself. 
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