Sunday, July 14, 2013

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Finding your life’s purpose is not about finding the work you are suppose to do or being in the right career.  It is about all that is in your life including people, opportunities, challenges and talents. It is about putting the pieces of your life together to make sense by using them to serve, create, and live.  Caroline Myss talks about our western culture thinking that finding our life purpose is about outer discovery. But what it is really about is inner discovery.  It is about finding the peace, inner tranquility, found only inside yourself through acknowledgement of who you are, stepping into your authentic self and then spreading it outward into the world.

The words sound good, but what does it all really mean?  Consider the idea that we want to access our highest potential in everything we do. That means making every moment count – making every action about becoming the fullest human being you can be and letting it shine in everything.  This would mean that we would look at everything that comes before us, crosses our path, as a moment that is supposed to be in our life. We would live like there are not any accidents but just opportunities for us to live our “fullest potential” moment by shining our inner light (our essence) onto the moment.  

One way to get in touch and begin to embrace who you are, thereby, allowing you to access  your own knowing and passion – your soul, is to begin with baby steps to say, “Yes”  to the tiniest steps in increasing your self esteem and anchoring your own goodness.  Say, “Yes” to yourself and don’t reach outside yourself for that approval.  Stop asking for the outer approval because navigating your life to attain outer approval takes away accessing your inner knowing and what you are here for.  No one knows you better than you.  Reach inside and start to get to know yourself.  This week take some baby steps to honor who you are bringing your essence out to share with others.

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