Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fly High My Superhero . . . Fly High

Jet David Hansen 4/29/2010 to 3/3/2013

“Fly High my Superhero . . . Fly High.” These are the words said by a mother as her young son transitioned from life to death. Jet David Hansen, 2 years old, died today, peacefully, as his family stepped into the final gift they had left to give him – releasing him from the bounds of the physical reality of his life. Sarah, his mother, and Jared, his father, have had the turbulent journey of walking the fine line between pushing hard for life and knowing when to release their little one and to allow him to fly. Only a parent – this mother – this father - could know how hard it is to walk a road like this. To love someone so much as a mother loves a child – and be able to give him permission to fly high without her holding him and walking the journey with him.  

Jet died at 7:47 a.m. on March 3, 2013.  Jet – 747.  A true jet. Jet was flying high and his final message seemed to be a message for his family in transitioning at 747.  Jet was here for a short while. Jet loved superheroes and was involved in planning his third birthday party with a “superhero” theme. Jet’s life was all about superhero energy. He required those in his life to step into courage as they embarked on a journey out of the norm just to keep him alive. Jet knew the value of living in the moment as he had to work on breathing moment to moment.  Jet’s life was about breathing.  He knew the hardship of not being able to fully breathe and the joy of having breath when he could breathe fully and easily. Jet brought a constant reminder that life was about living in the moment. Jet consumed their lives as he held on to live. And now Jet leaves with another huge consuming lesson to those who loved him – to let him go. This has to be the hardest gift a parent could ever give a child – permission to fly. 

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Donna said...

what a blessing this child has given to life itself all us that know the parents grandparents and great-grandparents know the love this precious little angel received while here with us and we all know only Jesus can love him more. Your friend Donna Weaver Smith